Mableton Day Alliance

The Mableton Day Alliance is made up of South Cobb civic organizations and public agencies who work with the Mableton Day Coalition to ensure the success of Mableton Day, which fosters South Cobb community pride for students, residents, organizations, and business owners.  Alliance members promote Mableton Day to their members, constituents, and mailings lists; participate in Mableton Day planning and strategy, and participate as volunteers on the day of the event in ways that advance their individual mission.  Participation in the Mableton Day Alliance provides a vehicle for year round collaboration that will strengthen the civic fabric of our community.

Cobb Douglas Public Health
Cobb County Schools
Cobb Parks and Recreation

Marietta Business Association
Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre
South Cobb Business Association

West Cobb Business Association
Rotary International

Rotary of South Cobb

Austell Community Taskforce

Greater South Cobb Kawanis
Sweetwater Mission
American Legion Post 264

Keep Cobb Beautiful